Why Abians yearn for Ogah


An industrialist who sits atop a flourishing conglomerate with diversified business interests, Ogah is a job and wealth creator with close to 50,000 employees on his payroll. As Governor, he will replicate what he has been doing as a private businessman in Abia. He will decouple Abia from federal allocation by investing in Agro-allied industries and manufacturing. This way, human capital development is achieved and jobs made available for thousands of graduates in various fields Abia produces every year. With increased Internally Generated Revenue, IGR, driven by massive industrialization, Ogah will set Abia on the path to becoming an economic giant.

Uchechukwu Samson Ogah is imbued with the necessary leadership ingredients required of anyone who wants to lead a highly resourceful people like Abians. These are lacking in the current leadership. A leader must be ready at all times to identify and show empathy for the people. It would appear that John Mason saw through the…

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