Beware, you may be busy doing nothing


For evidence, most of the traffic gridlock you see on Lagos roads are caused by minor disputes between vehicle drivers, over the right of way. One car blocks the road because another vehicle claims the right of way. Precious time is wasted on needless disputes that could be avoided if one driver could just let go. In government offices, gossip is the order of the day. Workers spend working hours doing nothing because they know they’d get paid at the end of the month. We reward lack of productivity and glaring inefficiency in the Nigerian public service.

The truth is that most people in this country don’t like to work. It has been so because we are not accountable. We have a culture that celebrates wealth without work. Government workers stop work and are often set to go home an hour before official closing time. On Fridays, after some workers go to mosque, they don’t return. In the civil service, it is a fact that malingering is common among workers. That is why the…

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