This is why some men will kill for a particular woman


Bola blew me a kiss when she saw me. “Wow Tobs, you are the bomb! This is why some men will kill for a particular woman.”

Efe Anaughe

The Event at United Nations with Warien Rose Foundation was a monumental success. The weekend was exceptionally busy, what with the Award by Empire Radio 018, the Domestic Violence Awareness Walk and Domestic Violence Anonymous, the support Group run by Warien Rose Foundation the weekend through to the middle of the week was exceptionally busy but I felt fulfilled.

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Now it’s time to unwind, so the girls decided to take the rest of the week off work to give me a treat to help me relax. All work and no vacation was making me and the girls pretty low on morale and motivation at work. So we all decided to stop work for a couple of days and go for a holiday to a place where there are no worries or cares, just the peacefulness of being in…

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