The Dilemma Of Nigeria’s Broken Dream (2)


Nigerians have for decades been subjected to what many described as ‘undeserved’ embarrassment and humiliation in most countries of the world. OMONU YAX-NELSON and JULIANA AGBO dissects the issues in Nigeria’s dwindling prestige among the comity of nations.

In continuation of the search for answers to angling question of why Nigeria and its citizens continued to be stigmatized, ridiculed, and treated with contempt by nations of the world, searchlight is beamed on the epileptic aviation industry and the tragic fate of Nigeria’s once booming national flag carrier —Nigeria Airways.

Flags of nations are not hoisted or flown by national carriers or airlines for fancy. It makes bold statement about countries capabilities and serves as a boost to their national pride. Nigeria, the supposed giant of Africa, a country located on the south of Sahara, reputed for her huge human and material potentials have been suffering untold shame and contempt in the hands of foreign…

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