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Protection From Mechanics

It was a routine mechanic job; change the brake disc. I would have continued managing the disc as it was pending an improvement in my financial situation. Anyway, reality won-my problem with the car would be much worse if I didn’t nip whatever it currently suffered from in the bud.
I found the service of the budding entrepreneur very convenient; he would take the load off you by baby-sitting the mechanic while you went on about your business, including sourcing the spare parts required for a small fee. He returned the vehicle with two lights on the dashboard signifying there was something amiss. It was irritating because I had been away and expected to come back to a fixed car. When I asked him why he hadn’t addressed the issue of the lights, he mumbled an incoherent reason and polished it off with, ‘I am sorry’. I don’t want to recount the horrors I went through the next two days which included him ‘driving’ through a half tank in one day (a…

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