Michelle Obama Opens Up About Marriage With Barack, Seeking Counselling — Leadership Newspaper


Former United States first lady Michelle Obama opened up about her nearly three-decades-long married life with husband Barack Obama.

During an interview with PEOPLE, Michelle revealed that she had sought marriage counselling with Barack in the past.”Because we’re role models, it’s important for us to be honest and say, if you’re in a marriage and there are times you want to leave, that’s normal, because I felt that way,” she said.

“There were definitely times when I wished things were different. But I don’t think I ever thought, ‘I’m just checking out of this’,” PEOPLE quoted Michelle as saying.

Speaking about her experience on marriage counselling, Michelle explained that she learned to take control of her own happiness.

“Marriage counselling, for us, was one of those ways where we learned to talk out our differences. What I learned about myself was that my happiness was up to me and I started working out more, I started asking for help, not just from him but…

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