Remembering Fidel Castro And Emeka Ojukwu — Leadership Newspaper


If there was a universal cult for bearded leaders, both could have being members, they were as well as controversial as they were colourful men, who brought panache into their styles of leadership. Both indeed were passionate about the causes they chose, both sacrificed much and even to the point of death, both were vehement in their beliefs.

Fidel Castro, was the Cuban leader who shot the small island nation, formerly known only for its cigars and exotic drinks to world limelight, taking the global stage on several occasions to the chagrin of major world powers and the cheers of the smaller ones. Ojukwu, on the other hand also shot the Nigerian nation into limelight by becoming the second leader to forcefully break away from the original borders assigned to African nations by their colonial masters, the first being Moise Tshombe of Katanga.

Both were children of circumstances, with fate and events playing tricks on what choices or options were offered to them; none intentionally set…

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