Unknown Soldier’s Open Letter To Nigerians — Leadership Newspaper


Dear Nigerians,

I know that in less than 72 hours, you will spare a few moments of your time to watch President Muhammadu Buhari, among other top military brass, place the commemorative wreaths in recognition of the supreme price I paid to save Nigeria from disintegration. Though you have consistently reminded me of your appreciation of my sacrifice as a fallen hero, I have tried in several ways to review why I participated in a war that brought untold suffering to many of my countrymen and women all in the name of preserving a country. Beyond the mortal ken, my colleagues and I have been left in anguish over prevalent happenings that have put our country in dire straits.

Over 50 years ago, we were those brave hearts who answered the clarion call to defend the future of our citizens, including that of our children. Fired by the zeal of ensuring a just and united country where criminals would not usurp the intentions of citizens, we set sail to re-enact the heroism of those who…

Source: Leadership Newspaper

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