Germany Rejects Asylum Seekers, Land Back In Kabul — Leadership Newspaper


A group of 21 Afghan asylum seekers rejected by Germany landed back in Kabul, airport officials said on Wednesday.

The flight from Leipzig landed at 7:10 am (0240 GMT).

It was the 22nd such group deportation of Afghans since December 2016.

The previous flights have brought back a total of 512 Afghan men.

The deportations have been deeply controversial.

In July 2018, a 23-year-old man, who had lived in Germany for eight years before being sent back to Kabul, committed suicide after being deported.

Critics say the war-torn country is still too dangerous for rejected asylum seekers.

Civilians are regularly the targets of attacks by the Taliban and Islamic State militants. Militant attacks on military posts are also a daily occurrence.

According to the latest UN report, close to 11,000 civilians were killed and injured in 2018 due to ongoing conflicts across Afghanistan.

There have been efforts to find a political solution to the conflict, with talks on between…

Source: Leadership Newspaper