Ya Allah, My Du’a Is For Drug Abuse To Stop! – Leadership Newspaper


Drug addiction in Nigeria is a disease that is branded and disregarded. And as long as society, government and the medical community continue to ignore it and fail to identify it for what it is, it will continue to be an epidemic that is on the increase.

Notwithstanding the fact that this epidemic is essentially a disease, the victims are stigmatized and criminalized by the court of public opinion and there is no public policy in place for treating it or halting the spread of this disease. Unfortunately, our reaction to drug abuse is fraught by our failure to recognize addiction as a disease that needs wide-ranging health solutions.  It is completely misunderstood by the public, who see it as a personal or moral weakness of those who suffer from it. Those afflicted with this illness continue to be victimized by the shame against the disease, a stigma that stems from misinformation.

The epidemic has become so widespread in Nigeria and the unyielding destruction it leaves in its…

Source: Leadership Newspaper