May To Set Departure Date After Lawmakers Vote On Brexit


British Prime Minister, Theresa May, will set out a timetable for her departure in early June after the latest attempt to get her Brexit deal approved by parliament, an official said.

The chairman of a powerful Conservative Committee said this on Thursday in London.

Three years after Britain voted to leave the EU, there is little clarity over when, how and even whether Brexit will happen.

And this had prompted some in May’s party to call for a new approach to the country’s biggest policy shift in more than 40 years.

May has promised to step down after her Brexit deal is approved by lawmakers but many in her party want her to set out clearly when she will quit if the agreement is rejected for a fourth time, and others are demanding her immediate departure.

“The prime minister is determined to secure our departure from the EU,” Graham Brady, Chair of the 1922 Committee that can make or break party leaders, said.

Brady said this following a meeting between his…

Source: Leadership Newspaper