Ganduje: Understanding The Pathology Of Revenge


The Sarkin Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II, always wanted to be local. Even in his heyday as governor of the Central Bank, he said he was often amused when public office holders fought for appointment as ministers, state governors, ambassadors or for any position at all on the big stage.

All he ever wanted after his tour of duty at the Central Bank, he said, was to be Sarkin Kano, the emir.

He got his wish. But as it has turned out almost from the onset, and progressively ever since, he has been subjected to far more siege than he might have experienced even if he had become Secretary General of the United Nations. Yet, it appears to be a largely self-imposed misery.

The Sarkin Kano wanted the best of two worlds, but much to his grief, a third is being created for him – a hyperlocal ruler. A local emir with the power, glory and omnipotence of a global icon is a mirage. Local with global reach is the stuff of advert copy. In the real world, to change local,you must make haste slowly.

Source: Leadership Newspaper