Bstan Group Seeks PPP To Address Housing Deficit In Nigeria


Unveils two brand Ambassadors

Real estate firm, BSTAN Group has attributed the increasing deficit of infrastructure in Nigeria to weak government policies.

While unveiling the group brand new ambassadors, MC Papi and MC Shortcut, yesterday in Abuja the Chief Executive Officer of BSTAN Homes , Becky Damilola -Oke, said government must formulate stronger policies that will encourage more private firm to invest in the housing sector to bridge the current infrastructure deficit put at 20 million.

“The Senate and the House of Representatives Committee on housing must come together to produce a law because the regulations right now in housing sector is bad, the land use Act is being worked on and yet to be passed to law. We also have to look at the 10 bills that has been passed to the Senate in housing sector for us to truly reduce the deficit in the housing sector”

Because of politics in the housing sector, people do not make laws that will benefit the people, instead they make…

Source: Leadership Newspaper