Filmmaker Nodash, Explores Backstory Of Terrorists In New Movie ‘Delivery Boy’


Adekunle Adejuyigbe a.k.a Nodash, Producer of ‘Delivery Boy,’ a new movie, says the movie explores the lives of terrorists and suicide bombers before terrorism, hoping to find out the reasons for their actions.

Nodash is an award-winning Film Director and Director of Photography known for his ability to create artistic pictures and deeply analyse stories especially in acclaimed film and television shows such as ‘Isoken’ and ‘Gidi Up’.

Reveals that in the teasers for ‘Delivery Boy,’ the audience see a young suicide bomber explaining his dilemma, reminding people that he is just like them.

In another teaser dubbed ‘Nkem’s Prayer’, a young prostitute prepares to go out at night knowing that she might not make it back home. She prays solemnly.

‘Delivery Boy’ is the story of a runaway teenage suicide bomber (Jammal Ibrahim) and his newfound ally, a young prostitute (Jemima Osunde) who must rely on each other to survive the night.

They search for answers to…

Source: Leadership Newspaper