How Nations Develop Their Human Capital


In the development of nations and their economies, the development of human capital has always being at the fore front of national policies and this is because people are the most valuable asset any nation can boost of, not their natural resources or political endowment. Human beings who make up nations are the ones whose skills, abilities, talents and natural endowments are used for the build-up of their nations.

When nations make policies, they make those policies with the hindsight that it is the people who will make those policies work for the continuity and sustenance of the nation, so any nation that does not take care of her human capital, her citizen, will have a challenge of development and progress. Every category of people within the society must be taken care of by the policies governing the nation, in accordance with the needs, aspiration and requirements of the group. From birth, to old age, early years schooling to retirement homes and benefits, every nation that…

Source: Leadership Newspaper