RE: Professionalism On The Altar Of Brown Envelope, The Need For Self-Censorship


Professionalism at any level of disciplinary dealing has everything in objectivity as against the subjectivity, which very well defines total deviation from the norm reasoning in line with the ethics of any disciplinary make-up as professionals in any field of life. Journalism, being a tool for proper and factual reportage of issues and facts in as balanced a manner as possible without being influenced by brown envelope, should not be used by anyone who hopes to guard his or her integrity for posterity to appreciate. I read with a melange of dismay and repugnance, a piece entitled: ‘Tension brews in KEDCO over alleged lopsided promotion, remuneration’ by one Kolade Adeyemi on Wednesday and I began to wonder if journalism has become a tool for character erosion as the author went all out to butcher the image of Dr Jamilu Isyaku Gwamna, (Sardaunan Gombe) in a manner where the writer was almost crying more than the bereaved. This reply seeks to call the attention of the medium of…

Source: Leadership Newspaper