Until We Restructure Nigeria, It Won’t Grow – Prince Momoh


Former Minister of Information, Prince Anthony Suleiman Momoh, in this interview with journalists in Abuja to mark his 80th birthday anniversary says the political space needs to be decongested by way of restructuring before Nigeria can grow. He also speaks about his childhood days, large family, career and state of the nation, among others. JONATHAN NDA-ISAIAH was there for LEADERSHIP Friday.

You turned 80 year-old on April 27. What is the secret behind your youthful look?

I agree with you that I don’t look like an 80 year-old man. The journey of my life has been so smooth because I know my limit. I didn’t create the world, God did. So, God who created the world must bear responsibility for what the world is and what the world becomes. The problem with many people is that they carry the load they had no business carrying. I was Editor of Daily Times, I carried the burden of an editor for four years (1976 to 1980). I was Minister of Information, I also carried that burden for…

Source: Leadership Newspaper