Nigerian Youths Are Hardworking – Buhari


The youngest presidential aspirant in the 2019 presidential elections, Ahmed Buhari, has said that Nigerian youths are not lazy.

The statement was made, yesterday, at a conference tagged, ‘I Am A Nigerian’ organised by a civic society organisation, Project One Productions.

The conference, which theme was, ‘Beaming The Light On The Nigerian”, was focused on the Nigerian children, who are literally, our hope and future.

According to Buhari, “Whenever you sit with your foreign friends and tell them the worst side of your story, their respect for you reduces. Nigerian youths are not lazy.

“Whenever you limit a person’s ability, he is never able to catch up. Regardless of how bad the situation is that we are in, it’s a state of the mind. The days will come and go; all we need to do is hold on.

“Success comes with elevation, to maintain your level when you get to the top, make the right friends, decisions, meet the right people and go to the right places. ‘I Am A…

Source: Leadership Newspaper