U.S. Reaffirms Weapon Supplies To Ukraine, Says Russia ‘Must Stop War’


The United States reaffirmed its commitment to supplying weapons to Ukraine on Tuesday, saying it was Russia’s responsibility to end the conflict that has divided eastern Ukraine for five years.

“Russia must stop the war in Ukraine,’’ the U.S. special representative for Ukraine negotiations, Kurt Volker, said at a news conference, describing Russia as an invader.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced in his inauguration speech recently that resolving the conflict would be his top priority.

The conflict erupted in 2014 after Ukraine ousted its pro-Russian president to clinch an association agreement with the European Union.

However, Russia has denied active participation in the conflict.

“The U.S. has committed over 1.1 billion dollars in military training and equipment to help Ukraine defend itself and secure its borders since 2014,’’ the U.S. embassy in Kiev said in a statement recently.

Volker affirmed that the U.S. stands with Ukraine to support its…

Source: Leadership Newspaper