Resident Doctors Decry Increasing Spate Of Assault On Medical Personnels


Resident doctors have decried what they described as increasing spate of assaults on medical personnels while carrying out their legitimate duties.

LEADERSHIP findings revealed some recent incidences where doctors on duty were assaulted and the most recent happening at Maitama District Hospital. Where a female doctor (name withheld) presently working at the hospital earlier mentioned was assaulted by a patient’s partner who was under her care.

The findings further revealed that the said patient presented as an Emergency few days earlier and was subsequently operated upon to save her life and that of her baby.

According to a source, due to financial constraints, the patient was unable to   pay for the surgery and purchase prescribed drugs, leading  to her having complications which was still being managed.

The source narrated that her partner wanted to take her home in that condition. Adding that the doctor explained to the patient’s partner the implications of his…

Source: Leadership Newspaper