The International Qud’s Day | Leadership Newspaper


In the name of Allah who states “Glory be to Him Who made His servant to go on a night from the Sacred Mosque to the remote mosque of which We have blessed the precincts, so that We may show to him some of our signs; surely He is the Hearing, the Seeing” Q17:1

Peace and blessings of Allah be upon His chosen servant, our master Muhammad and his purified progeny.

While giving an open invitation to Muslims and the world on August 7, 1979 to observe the day, Imam Khomeini of blessed memory said, “I invite Muslims all over the globe to consecrate the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, which is a day of fate and which could also become the day on which the fate of Palestinian people might be determined as Qud’s day and to proclaim the legitimate right of the Muslim people of Palestine.”

The day expresses solidarity and global support to Palestinians, and indeed all other oppressed. Observed through processions, conferences and rallies by nations, human rights activists…

Source: Leadership Newspaper