Why South-east Deserves Speakership Of 9th Assembly – Chikamnayo


Eze Chikamnayo is the director general, Movement for the Consolidation of Nigeria and former commissioner for Information and Strategy, Abia State. In this interview with CHIBUZO UKAIBE, he speaks on the tussle for leadership of the National Assembly

What is your assessment of the tussle over the National Assembly for the leadership positions?

My honest opinion is that the ruling party, the All Progressives Congress, is right in every material sense to demand and desire to be in control of the leadership of the National Assembly as per producing who will be the Senate President, the Speaker of the House of Representatives and their deputies. These are some of the benefits of being the ruling party. They worked for it.  But I’m also convinced that the APC has shot itself in the foot by introducing a discriminatory measure that now pits its members against the other, an undemocratic and extremely provocative measure of trying to say that one APC member is more than the other.


Source: Leadership Newspaper