UNIPROS Launches Software to Ease Entrepreneur’s Stress of Doing Businesses


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A US based IT Firm, UNIPROS Solutions has launched  software targeted for easing the bottlenecks associated with successfully running Small and Medium scale Businesses in Nigeria towards enhancing accountability, promoting transparency and efficiency.

According to a statement made available to Newsmen by the Company’s Representative in Nigeria, Dr. PROSPECT Mlemchukwu, the software, UNIPROS SOLUTIONS, would tremendously help Entrepreneurs including Multinationals, Banks, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Schools, Service Centers and other top brands on record keeping, inventory taking, accounting and auditing with an amazing ease.

“With UNIPROS, your business is safe”, Mlemchukwu said. The statement further reads that “take for instance, before the start of business day, the software take record, and after the close of business, the software take record, thus as an employer, you can measure efficiency…

Source: Leadership Newspaper