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Sadly, instances of soured relation between public office holders and their ‘godfathers’ is becoming the Achille’s Heel of the nation’s democracy. Dotting the political landscape are reports of altercations between politicians in office and those who claim to have made it possible for them to be there.

Prior to 1999, and in the first and second republics, if such incidences played out in the political arena, they were muted because, then, party discipline was paramount. Then, unlike now, there was no towering single individual who could claim to be the main financier of the party and its candidates. What was preponderant was the political clout of some individuals and their ability to mobilise voters and win elections. But they did not insist on having the office holder on their leash, insisting on calling the shots and being compensated as if it were an investment that must willy-nilly yield dividend.

With the entry of the military into  the nation’s political…

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