Prof Dokubo And Over 7,000 Jobs For Niger Deltans


When the question is continuously raised as to what Prof Charles Dokubo has done as Niger Delta amnesty boss, I usually laugh and say he has done so much and is still doing much more. When I first heard the number of jobs he made available in his first six months in office, I was shocked and decided to Torchlight the statement. To my amazement, since that time till date, I and the team I work with, have calculated about 7,000 jobs without exaggeration.

In 2018, between April and July, the Post Training Unit of the Amnesty Office empowered 535 beneficiaries in trade areas comprising of building materials (cement), fish farming materials including fingerlings, poultry and fully stacked provision shops. For the people of these areas in Delta, Rivers and Bayelsa states, the empowerment comes in tandem with their culturally established means of livelihood.

On August 9, 2018, 150 ex agitators were empowered in Boro Town, Kaima in Bayelsa State, each with two deep freezers, a…

Source: Leadership Newspaper