Choice Of Gambari And The Wisdom Of PMB


The news of the appointment of Prof. Ibrahim Agboola Gambari to replace late Patriot Abba Kyari as Chief of Staff (CoS) to President Muhammadu Buhari excited me greatly. It has silenced hitherto agitated voices and what I consider, unhealthy speculations by those scheming to use the vacancy to manipulate and hijack the Buhari Presidency.

I have known Prof. Gambari for almost two decades now and his life has inspired me in several ways. He is a thorough- breed academic, scholar, retired diplomat who once served our country as External Affairs Minister. He parades among other notable credentials, record of the longest serving Nigerian Ambassador to the United Nations, under five different Heads of State and Presidents of Nigeria.

His experience and international clout cast no veil on his capacity to deliver on his new mandate as Chief of Staff to the President. It’s a position known to us as one of the most powerful and influential offices in the Presidency.

By my assessment and…

Source: Leadership Newspaper