Governor Yahaya Bello: An Emerging Political Phenomenon in Nigeria?


There are unique people everywhere. They come once in a generation and leave indelible footprints wherever they find themselves. Whenever you observe such a rare breed in your locality, pay more than a passing attention to them. They have an unusual mission to fulfil in life. Everything about such unique people is shrouded in some extraterrestrial forces no mortal can adequately deconstruct no matter how much he tries.

Till date, no chronicler of contemporary Nigerian political issues has been able to significantly detail the phenomenal navigation of former President Goodluck Jonathan through the high wired politics of Nigeria, which within a reasonable period of time, culminated in his being VP and ultimately, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The story of the son of a fisherman becoming the President of Nigeria in recent times sounds like a fairy tale. But it happened before our very eyes. Like Jonathan, there is an Ebira man from a relatively obscure background who…

Source: Leadership Newspaper