AU: 57 Years Of Mixed Grill


In its 57 years, the African Union, a continen- tal body consisting of  55 member states which started as Organisa- tion of African Unity (OAU)
on May 25,1963, has expe- rienced high moments wor- th celebrating and periods
of crises that challenged its existence and relevance as a  body set up to foster unity and cohesion among its member
states and peoples.

Within that time frame, many African countries gained their independence
from colonial rule. But by far, its greatest achievement, in our view, was the release of Nelson Mandela from prison
after 27 years of incarcera- tion, the eventual elimination of Apartheid minority white rule in South Africa and the institution of black majority

Those years also witnessed serious political upheavals, coups against democratically elected governments and civil wars. Dictatorships were pre- ponderant with the accom- panying human right viola- tions and abuses tosuch an extent that some wished for
the reinstatement of colonia-…

Source: Leadership Newspaper