Aristokrat, UMG Deal Will Attract FDI, Jobs For Nigeria – Isokrari


Aristokrat Group and Universal Music Group recently signed a joint venture partnership. Can you shed more light on this?

This strategic partnership consists of both a label deal, as well as a publishing deal through Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG). Aristokrat Group and Universal Music Group will work closely together to discover and develop exciting new African talent, giving artists and songwriters the opportunity to reach global audiences with support from Universal Music Group companies around the world.


What is the economic impact of this joint venture to the music industry and the Nigerian economy as a whole?

This joint venture will give opportunities not only to new artists we intend to sign to the label, but also provide more job opportunities in the country through foreign direct investments through the projects we’ll be working on. We intend on having more community outreach, and giving jobs to local artisans to create merchandise and much more.


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Source: Leadership Newspaper