COVID-19: Looming Danger As FCT Residents Defy Social Distancing Order


The federal government has taken initial steps to encourage social distancing as it eases down the lockdown order. But, there has been concern from Nigerians living in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja, that if social distancing is not maintained in public spaces, there would be further spread of the novel coronavirus.

Acknowledging that extreme social distancing is pretty much the exclusive intervention available to help individuals stay healthy, and to break the chain of transmission giving more vulnerable populations a fighting chance of surviving this pandemic. However, despite the appeal by health authorities for Nigerians to maintain social distancing as a measure of containing the rapid spread of coronavirus, many are yet to comply with the directives. The World Health Organisation (WHO) also advised that one of the safeguards against the virus at the moment is that people “stay at home” and “maintain social distancing”.

Some people have attributed their…

Source: Leadership Newspaper