Female Pilots: Eyes In The Sky For Military Operations


The journey of a thousand miles it is said begins with a step, this goes a long way to explain the manifestation of Nigerian Air Force (NAF) equal opportunity and capacity building drive with the historic all-female crew operational ISR mission after 56 years of its existence.

The Nigerian Air Force from its little beginning of rolling bombs with bare hands during the Nigerian civil war has grown sophistication attaining the status of a giant in the African air space.

However, women with their potential have been given an opportunity to contribute their quota despite the calls for gender equality. Women world over have been known for leading men to battles such as the Queen Amina of Zaria, the military has often time reduced them to soft jobs rather than being on the battlefield with their male counterparts. In 2019, the NAF winged its first female combat pilots to join the prestigious pilot corps.

More recently the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) in fulfillment of its quest to…

Source: Leadership Newspaper