Climate Change And Need To Save Bayelsa Rainforest


There is high rate of deforestation taking place daily in the rainforest region of the country; trees falling for farming, wood logging and crude oil spillages. The ability of the forest to produce oxygen is being inhibited. The community or people are ignorant of the lasting impacts of the negative activities. They are ignorant about issues of climate change and forest protection and conservation. They are ignorant of the alternative use of the forest resources for income generation.


It appears there are no forest regulations or they are simply not implemented, making easy for a few individuals to economically benefit from indiscriminate cutting down of trees for timber. Government has abandoned its role of regulating the use of forest resources; no enforcement of the rules. There is the need for community awareness on issues of climate change, beneficial use of forest resources, and importance of rainforest to humanity and conservation of rare species of animals.

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Source: Leadership Newspaper