My Secret Life


My name is Aliyu Hasiyat Avorsuahi. I was born in ASCO hospital, Ajaokuta local government area in Kogi State, precisely in 1991. I am the last of seven children bore by my parents.My father, Mr. Aliyu Musa, is a retired military personnel while my mother, Mrs. Ajara Salifu is late. Unfortunately for me, I never tasted the much talked about mother’s love because being the last, my mother did not live to shower me with that care/ love.



I started my early primary education in Kogi State, where I attended A.S.P School at the famous Ajaokuta ASCO camp in 1999, after which I proceeded to Trinity College, Ohueta Ihima, for my secondary education in 2006. Sadly, I couldn’t go beyond O’ level due to my parents’ inability to train us all.


On realising that my life was surrounded with struggles and also considering my family’s financial status, I took a decision to work, make earns meet and change my family’s story. This decision of mind pushed…

Source: Leadership Newspaper