Osun And 2023 Elections: Hope Rising


As we await the festival of elections in 2023, a few polls this year are increasingly signposting the nature and manner of the general elections. The last of these off-season state elections (Anambra, Ekiti and Osun) took place last Saturday – the Osun State gubernatorial election. The conduct and outcome of last Saturday’s election in Osun offer significant lessons for 2023.

Some may think otherwise, but we differ. The Yorubas of South-west are arguably Nigeria’s most politically sophisticated nationality. They often define their interest per election and vote for it. The Osun election provides a barometer to gauge the political mood and appetite of the electorate for drastic socio-political change in the country. Osun could well be the microcosm of the macro dynamism of the Nigerian political space.

Some are focused on the candidates and the various party platforms , while others are concerned about the increasing influence of the “third force”, represented by Labour and…

Source: Leadership Newspaper