Motorists To Save Fuel Consumption With Gensys Platform


As cost of petroleum products escalates across the country, a Lagos-based automation and control solutions provider in Africa, Fuelmetrics Limited has developed Gensys, a solution for tracking and managing consumption of fuel.

This will allow subscribing motorists to reduce their fuel consumption in the country.

According to the company’s head of Marketing, Folake Opanubi, the Gensys solution was designed to help users easily identify gaps in fuel consumption and put in place adequate measures for system check.

“Fuel management and consumption is increasingly becoming an issue of concern in Nigeria. From the constant hike in prices to the shortage in power supply to mismanagement and pilferage within systems and organizations, households and enterprises are constantly complaining about how pocket draining this can be.

“Gensys, an offshoot of Fuelmetrics’ flagship product, Epump, has been specially built to empower facility and resident owners that make use of generator…

Source: Leadership Newspaper