Hoodlums Stop Enforcement Of Court Judgment In Oyo


Hoodlums in a large number yesterday prevented the bailiffs of the Oyo State, Surveyor General to carry out a judgment of the state High Court on the proper demarcation of a large expanse of land situated at Olooro Village in Ona Ara Local Government Area of the state.

The hoodlums who brandished all sorts of dangerous weapons ranging from guns to cutlasses vowed not to allow the representatives of the court and Surveyor General to establish the survey pillars as directed by the court.

All entreaties by Surveyor Yemi Ajadi and bailiffs of the court that they were trying to carry out the instruction of the Surveyor General and a judgment of the state High Court were rebuffed by the rampaging thugs.

Speaking with newsmen, Ajadi said, “The community head in the area claimed that he was not informed ahead of the visit to the community.

He said; “if he was aware, he would have mobilized his people to be at the scene.”

In a petition sent to the Commissioner of Police in Oyo State, Mr….

Source: Leadership Newspaper