How To Build Resilient Organisations For Sustainable Success


The University of Oxford-trained Ambassador Charles Crawford shares insights into how leaders can build resilient organisations irrespective of the headwinds. He also explains why executives should attend TEXEM UK’s forthcoming programme on TEXEM programme on Building Resilient organisations for sustainable success.

Ambassador Charles Crawford himself, Professor Paul Griffith, and John Peters will help deliver the sessions of this programme, which is slated to hold between August 22nd and 25th, in Birmingham, UK in this interview.

In a time of instability and disruption, how does an organisation maintain loyalty and the trust of its stakeholders?

Instability and disruption create and spread uncertainty. Uncertainty about what can be done and uncertainty about what’s going to be possible in the months and years to come. To thrive in these increasingly fast-paced and disruptive times, leaders need to optimise their capability to successfully manage change. Of course, this is…

Source: Leadership Newspaper