My Secret Life: Halting Societal Ills, Discrimination Forced Me Into Activism – Allamin



My name is Hamsatu Allamin. I was born on July 6, 1958 in Nguru local government area of Yobe State.  I am the second child from a family of 28 children. I was enrolled into primary school in Maiduguri in 1963, I mean, at a time when girls were hardly enrolled in school. In fact, I recall what my father went through trying to convince my mother and my grandmother to support his decision. Interestingly, the duo wept bitterly because I was being mocked by the society. But all thanks to my dad who didn’t give up.

That was how I went to school.  While in school, I had to fight against the monster called discrimination because they Kanuri’s in my school disliked me with a passion for being a Hausa girl. In fact, my school mates made life so miserable for me. That act of unwarranted discrimination forced me and marked the beginning of my activism.  I struggled to find my foot among the Kanuri girls because my goal was to make my dad proud.  I was even ignorant of the…

Source: Leadership Newspaper