Making A Decent Profit From Groundnut Farming


Groundnut farming is another income source in agribusiness space, as it can be done on a part time or full-time basis.

A notable groundnut farmer and seller, Mrs Salisu Sule, in a chat with me, explains that groundnut farming is a lucrative investment, adding that one can start groundnut farming by using the backyard of his/her compound.

“My groundnuts, to most customers are cheaper, but unknown to them I use to harvest from my own farm. One cannot compare the peanuts they will buy from a person who will buy from middle men or buy from public market with mine. I have no middlemen. I sell what my husband and children always harvest from our farm. Right at this moment, my people are preparing the next batch for tomorrow sales. The only barrier is the long distance it takes to bring the prepared ones here to Lagos from the north,” she says.

On how a person who is a novice or fresher in the farming can start, Salisu says one can start groundnut farming in an area that is not water…

Source: Leadership Newspaper