No Music Day: COSON’s Chairman To Broadcast Keynote Address To Creatives


In commemoration of No Music Day 2022, chairman, Board of Copyright Society of Nigeria , COSON, Tony Okoroji will deliver a live broadcast of his keynote address to creatives on Thursday, September 1, 2022.

Titled , ‘Music In A Society On The Road To A Socio-Political Revolution’, Okoroji’s address will dissect the potentials and predicaments of Nigeria’s creative industry, and the key role that all Nigerian creatives and professionals must urgently play to save the nation from self-destruction.

Although music is the main point of contact, Okoroji’s address, will highlight the violation of rights of all Nigerians and Nigerian creatives (authors, publishers, architects, computer programmers, visual artists and designers) and the damage such abuse has wrought in the nation, said COSON’s Media Relations Executive, Mandu Uwem Umoh.

The broadcast will premiere from the COSON House, Ikeja at 9am, alongside major broadcast houses in Nigeria, and stream on several virtual platforms…

Source: Leadership Newspaper