Uneasy Calm In Kenya As Supreme Court Upholds Ruto’s Victory


Amidst uneasy calm in Kenya, one of its most controversial politicians, Deputy President William Ruto, will be in a strong position when he assumes the presidency, having received the approval of the electorate and the seal of the country’s highest court.


The Supreme Court upheld his victory in the 9th August, 2022 election, with a unanimous judgement that left no doubt that he defeated his main rival, Raila Odinga, in a free and fair contest.


The judgement is seen as a pointer that Kenya’s courts are independent, and will safeguard its democracy – just as they did in the last election in 2017 when they took the unprecedented decision to annul President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory following a challenge by Odinga.


This time, the judges not only threw out Odinga’s case, but they chastised his legal team, saying the court had been sent on “a wild-goose chase”.


Political analyst Javas Bigambo told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that the legal process had boosted…

Source: Leadership Newspaper