Why Nigerians Should Embrace Tobacco Harm Reduction– Aguoru


Why is Philip Morris Limited fascinated about a smoke-free environment?

To begin with, its good for people to know that Phillip Morris Limited is currently one of the leading players in the tobacco industry. The Company is focus in growing a smoke-free business and this is our primary priority. We have taken the position that the world should be smoke-free going forward. If we had a choice to make, we would prefer to grow smoking products in Nigeria. At the moment there is no clear policy or standards framework for us to bring those products into Nigeria. Some of the products are currently available and we would like this to be standardised and also the information to be made available to consumers so they can make an informed decision about what products they would like to consume.

What are the smoke-free products?
Our smoke-free portfolio includes heat-not-burn, e- vapor, and oral nicotine products. These products do not involve combustion of tobacco, so they generate…

Source: Leadership Newspaper