Fintech Holds The Key For Africa’s Economic Prosperity, Nigeria Must Continue To Lead The Way


Before I founded Flutterwave I worked in different companies and countries, including in South Africa. During one of my stints, I came to learn of a few big South African companies that had expanded to Nigeria and other African countries, but couldn’t figure out how to pay their staff easily. There was no product then to make cross-border payments this seamless for them and it so happened that this hampered their expansion and maybe even discouraged further recruitment in Nigeria at the time. 


I have tried to fill in the blanks of their expansion strategy. Were they planning to hire even more people in Nigeria? Would they have done more in Nigeria at the time if they had the payments infrastructure to pay workers seamlessly? And for those who lost out on working for such a multinational company; would they have been better off if there was an ideal condition that meant that they got the job and were remunerated promptly and without hassles?


For me, it is in this story that I…

Source: Leadership Newspaper