Seven Quick Wins For National Prosperity Post 62nd Independence Anniversary


Nigeria is the 6th most populous country in the world. It is richly endowed with several mineral resources, including oil, Nigeria has a great potential that, if utilized, can propel it to great heights of success. However, 62 years after independence, the country, like a vehicle on a hilly road, is struggling to climb. Indeed, one would argue that its large population and resources are at present a weakness and not a strength as they should be. Significant challenges impeding its progress include high unemployment, poor infrastructure, insecurity, poor governance and a high level of immigration.

So, with the myriad challenges, can Nigeria spring up and reverse the negative and worrying trajectory? Without a doubt, a positive change is possible. But first, there must be a paradigm shift. Indeed, the Nigerian government, decision-makers in the third sector and business leaders are fully aware of the challenges the county is facing six decades after gaining its independence from…

Source: Leadership Newspaper