Still  On Tailgating Driving


I do not know if you are a football lover like my humble self. Like I once wrote,I am a crazy football follower .Football is not my only love. The art also is. These two as well as my current vocation of saving lives are my driving passion. As a lover of football or the arts, it is always a great honour when those you admire compliment you for striving to catch up. This was how I felt when after the opening piece on the above subject last week,my dear friend,colleague and brother,Louis Odion within the week complimented me for sustaining my column. For those who may not know, this column was midwifered under the creative leadership of Louis as editor of Sunday Sun,some fifteen years ago.

So what is tailgating? Before I draw the curtain on today’s focus ,let me do a recap on some of the issues discussed last week. Tailgating, I told you is when a driver indulges in the typical kiss me driving peculiar with Lagos, impatient as well as convoy drivers. It is when a driver drives…

Source: Leadership Newspaper