2023: Wardchat App Unveiled For Free, Fair Elections In Nigeria


As Nigeria prepares to hold its seventh consecutive general election since the country returned to democracy in 1999, an Application called Wardchat has been unveiled to engender free and fair elections in the country.

The upcoming elections in 2023 will be the first general election under the nation’s new electoral legislation, signed into law in February 2022.

The new Electoral Act allows for advanced technological deployment in the electoral process, including the electronic transmission of polling results.

This largely suggests that voter confidence in the transparency of elections will significantly improve.

According to the promoters of the App, “time is a crucial element in politics. Ensuring that campaigns get to state, local government, ward and polling levels in real time. For the first time in a general election, the public will be able to access the results instantly posted from the polling units on election day through the portal, enabling citizens to calculate these…

Source: Leadership Newspaper