Paying Attention To Gen Danjuma’s Self Defence Option


Many Nigerians, including those in government are in full support of the security option presented by our elder statesman and former Minister of defence, General Theophilus Danjuma that our communities must arm themselves in self defence to avoid being killed by those who take pleasure in depopulating the people. There is no community in Nigeria today that has not been affected by attacks of bandits and other criminal elements causing reckless killings, maiming and displacement of people from their ancestral locations. It is out of patriotic concern and government’s inefficiency and failure to provide security that such calls were made by the former Chief of army staff. Up till today, General Danjuma has been singing the chorus without the government responding to him or making moves to amend our laws to accommodate that.Not a few Nigerians are in support of the suggestion because it is only by doing so that our communities and fellow citizens can be saved to live peaceful lives….

Source: Leadership Newspaper