Gbajabiamila And Parliamentary Diplomacy


If there’s one impediment which has, in the last decades since independence, mitigated the deep entrenchment of democratic institutions in Nigeria, it will be the dearth of true, progressive, and purposeful leadership.


While the nation’s socio-political terrain has failed to produce many leaders who, in the true sense, can be defined as round pegs in round holes, it’s not entirely a drab situation because we can boast of having seen the emergence and beautiful manifestation of certain individuals who have proven themselves to be thoroughbred public officers with the credibility and trajectory that rank them above others in the course of our national discourse.


The current Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, CFR, deserves an honourable mention among those who can be regarded as the finest breeds of public officers that the country has ever produced since independence. He is a gentleman whose personality exudes charisma, dignity and honour. Above all, he…

Source: Leadership Newspaper