Maimuna’s Memoir: ‘What Do You Want Me To Do Now Mama Na?’


“Did you come with you car or should we take mine?” I asked grabbing my car keys from the mantle piece by the doorway, where I usually kept it. “No, I didnt. I took Uber because of the bad roads, I’m just coming from Farida’s home. You know how their road is.” I nodded, still somewhat alarmed that the federal government had not fully addressed the issue of bad roads in the suburbs. We headed out to Kaka’s home. The elderly woman was beaming when she saw us. We curtseyed to greet her as she said a prayer  for us. Before we went in after her. She called her house maid to offer us food and drinks. We knew better not to decline as we accepted graciously for two reasons : Kaka did not approve any one rejecting her hospitality and secondly, we loved Kaka’s cooking! It was while we were eating and drinking and chatting, that Kaka brought up the matter and the very reason for our visit. Altine began her explanation of the new bank notes all again. “Altine, I understand…

Source: Leadership Newspaper