Maimuna’s Memoir: I Need A Favour


“Hello?” I said, worried he had hung up, when I heard his quiet voice, “Hello Maimuna, it’s been ages. How are you?” He asked.” I’m fine, so why were you telling Altine not to give me the phone?” I asked curiously watching Altine still trying to convince Kaka about a king her money to the bank. “Because I know you won’t be of any help. You’re too chicken hearted.” He stated, mildly annoyed his conversation had been cut short with Altine. “Try me, too chicken hearted for what?” I demanded. Then he started, “I need a favour,” he began to narrate the same thing he had told Altine. I frowned , “Kai Nasiru, why would you want me to help you keep money in my account?” She could imagine him already rolling his eyes and regretting telling her. “It’s for my friend and the money is legit mind.”

Source: Leadership Newspaper